quinta-feira, 28 de abril de 2011

The Lady Vanishes (with audio description and closed captions) 1h35min32seg

Disponível em http://youtu.be/zCqN_cCLnnk

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Stranded in an inn in the Eastern European dictatorship of Bandrika, pretty socialite Iris Henderson (Margaret Lockwood) makes friends with a sweet old governess, Miss Froy (May Witty) and makes enemies with a snotty young musician, Gilbert (Michael Redgrave). As they all board the London-bound train the next day, a blow to the head leaves Iris disoriented. After Miss Froy mysteriously disappears and the trains passengers and crew claim she never existed, Gilbert is the only one who doesnt think Iris is mad. Like all good Alfred Hitchcock films, this 1938 tale is full of entertaining twists. Watch for hilarious British dandies (and cricket fans) Caldicott and Charters, secondary characters who appeared in several other films.