segunda-feira, 2 de maio de 2011

APEINTA Research Project (with audiodescription)

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Apeinta is a research project committed to inclusive education for all. 
Apeinta emerged in 2006 together with several proposals for both inside and outside the classroom. It has since evolved and it is currently being proposed a cloud of inclusive services to education. 

At present there are three current services.

The first one is a subtitling service, both live and off-line. For live subtitling, let's think of a teacher in the classroom; everything he or she says will be instantly received by the students on their laptops, their phones, their PDAs or their "tablets." The subtitling service provides full flexibility to the teacher so that he/she can use any 3G or Wi-Fi device like a mobile phone to communicate with students. Teachers do not need to be inside an office or in the classroom to communicate with them. 

Also, students with speech problems can use the speech synthesizer of Apeinta, for example, in situations where they may need to ask a question to the class or the teacher in the classroom. They will simply type the question or comment on a laptop, PDA or any other device which will send them to the server to be repeated by a computer voice.

Finally, the latest service provided by Apeinta today is a web platform for distance learning. Learning resources needed by the students will be published on this distance learning platform. Both the multimedia contents and the platform itself are accessible.