sábado, 17 de março de 2012

Tap into IRS for Accessible Tax Information (ASL, Captions, Audio-Described & Voice Over)

Disponível em http://youtu.be/6CrbwFtRk2Y

Read More: http://www.geoclickz.com/blog/business_and_professional/the-internal-revenue-service-an-overview-of-the-i-r-s

[AUDIO DESCRIPTION] Video production includes an actor/narrator who uses American Sign Language while talking with a life-sized smart phone named IRIS. Internal Revenue Service Logo is displayed on the face of the smart phone.

Deaf Taxpayer (spoken in American Sign Language): IRIS I need help with my taxes! Where can I find information for people with disabilities, like me?

IRS (synthesized/computerized voice): Let me see. [Pause] There are many good source of information at the IRS.gov website.

Deaf Taxpayer: Really, where?

IRS: OK. [Pause] Go to www.IRS.gov and select the accessibility link. You can download hundreds of accessible tax products. Or you can link to videos in American Sign Language. And there is assistance for veterans with disabilities, free tax assistance, information about tax benefits, and much more

Deaf Taxpayer: So, you're saying that there are lots of different types of accessible tax products available?

IRS: Yes. There are tax products available for download in Braille and text formats, large print, and accessible PDFs. You can also view publications and instructions in HTML.

Deaf Taxpayer: This is great! The IRS really does help people with disabilities.

IRS: And every webpage has a link to contact the IRS. There are lots of options here.

Deaf Taxpayer: Wow. You're awesome! Will you marry me?

IRS: You're cute and all, but honestly, I'm just not the marrying kind. Got to go, it's time to recharge.